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Effortless Fundraising for schools, nurseries

(infact any organisation)

Many parents already use other online services to create personalised gifts, they simply upload their own artworks, images or special photos and products have space for a special message or wording to make extra special gifts for family and friends.

Parents can use any image, photo or artwork to create really special gifts that family and friends will treasure.

Products can be created all year round and you will get commission on all the purchases to help support the children's education.

It is a fully online, all year round, fundraiser and you earn 20% commission on all the orders your parents place.

The products have no set wording so are suitable for any special occasion or any religious event. Projects run all year so your parents can create a great range of exciting gifts suitable for

• Mother’s Day

• Father’s Day

• Christmas

• Eid

• Chanukah

• Diwali

• Birthdays

• Anniversaries

• or just as a special treat!

...and you get 20% commission on all their purchases.

If you want more info on how easy it is to get involved, just complete the registration form here or email [email protected], places are limited so act quickly!

Regards, Mark & Rocky (the Mini Me dog)

Earn 20% commission on all purchases!

Complete the registration form today and start earning on purchases – you’ll get a handy code that can be given to parents as part of school literature.

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